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Fox Forward - The Beginning

Fox Forward - The Beginning>

Our company name, Now & Den offers so much more than an adorable play on words. It truly describes our professional personalities if you had to sum up in one word. Hello, we are Susan Jackson (the “Now”) and Libbie Young (the “Den”), long time friends, designers, and workaholics. We decided our collective experience of interior design and furnishings along with our individual strengths merged to bring our concept of beautifully and professionally designed rooms that are in stock and delivered with full white glove service full circle. 


As implied, Susan, being the “Now”, loves wrapping up details, implementation, logistics and the nuts and bolts of making things happen…quickly! Her creative side usually involves a tactile experience. She sews, can refinish antiques, paint, and generally makes magic happen. (Did I mention quickly??) Not one for lengthy explanations, (she happily leaves the chatter to her “Den” friend and partner) she is efficient. Me, on the other hand, the “Den” of the partnership can explain my thought process forward and backward and the phrase “shop ‘til you drop” was made for me. I can search for hours, days, weeks or months to find exactly the item I’m envisioning. I am a bit dreamy and prefer constant change, color ideas and finding new ways to make a home interior a reflection of personality and style. I simply adore the process of design. I can happily compare 10 white finish options to find the perfect shade and discuss it at length and be happy as a little clam…er, fox…while doing so. Together, our talents and personalities balance which is how we’ve been great friends for over 25 years.


I know people joke about drawing an idea on a cocktail napkin, but we literally did just that! Susan had a general concept idea about 3 years ago and at our annual holiday luncheon brought it up again. The timing was right, and I jumped at the chance to be all in and help develop her initial idea into a new way to approach interior design with style and immediate gratification. We discussed and sketched the ideas on many, many napkins that day until we felt it was well formed enough to jump off and fully develop past a cocktail napkin discussion. The concept of a full-service interior design experience with in-stock, pre-designed rooms was formally launched. New rooms are continuously added to our website with many different room types and styles. Each room design package has a limited quantity before retiring so, it pays off to adjust to Susan’s “Now” approach when you see something you love!


You’ll meet some of our amazing den members in new posts, as well as helpful décor tips, so check back often. Speaking of den members, our fox needs a name! Stay tuned for a little naming competition.




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