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Intrigued with an item featured in a complete room package and would like to purchase it individually, access these unique products here.

Rug - hair on hide textural 8 x 11

Rustic design meets modern artistry. Bold geometric patterns crafted from animal hide demand attention with rich silver and slate. tones. Handmade, it delivers visual appeal and textural interest to infuse your office with distinctive style and contemporary charm. 

Rug - Braided 8'6" Round

This textural rug brings a color depth and softness to the room. Made of wool with a braided construction and variegated pattern is reversible for twice the wearability. 

Rug - Plaid 10'9 x 13'2

A plaid pattern on the rug to brings all elements of the room together with a subtle casual feel.

Rug - Stone, light taupe, blue, 13'2 x 10

Designed to make a statement which embraces contemporary and fluid movements to inspire texture and depth, this eye-catching rug commands attention. Its striking blue metallic yarns put the breeze in Summerbreeze. 

Rug, 8'-10" W x 12' L

Wool rug in deep ivory with an imperfect diamond pattern of charcoal lines that is soft underfoot, but easy to clean.

Rug, grey/silver 8'x11'

With a palette of ecru hues of gray silver, this luxurious rug is wonderfully cleanable while showcasing intricately detailed patterns, which dance across each pile as the light plays off the accents of metallic fibers. Suitable for high traffic areas.