Headshot of Kimberly Beasely-Wise

Kimberly Beasely-Wise

Talented and experienced, Kimberly Beasely-Wise guest designed Big City Pop, a master bedroom with a gentle palette for total relaxation and just enough color to add pops of interest.

Kimberly is originally from Sarasota, FL but after 20 years in Texas, she now considers herself a true Texan. A graduate of Texas Christian University where she studied Interior Design, Kimberly has primarilay focused on hospitality design. As the senior designer for Watermark Design Studio in Dallas, TX she has traveled the world, which has afforded her the opportunity to see some amazing hotels, clients and manufacturers. Her years in the industry has given her a confidence that can’t be taught. Her passion for design is a natural talent that she is so grateful for and truly enjoys sharing her visions through the spaces she creates.